Individual Feldenkrais lessons are known as

Functional Integration® (FI for short)

Donna Deland giving Feldenkrais LessonIn an individual FI lesson your particular interests and needs can be addressed.  You will lie or sit on a low padded table wearing comfortable clothing.  Using gentle, non-invasive and specific touch to guide,  Donna will facilitate exploration of your present movement habits and possible alternatives, with the aim of improving ease at every level.

Lessons generally last for an hour, though the initial session is often longer as time is spent collecting background information.  In some cases shorter lessons are appropriate and prices are adjusted accordingly.

Cost:  $100 for a 1 hour session.  Where clients commit to a series of lessons or regular ongoing appointments after an initial lesson, reduced rates apply.  Reduced rates are also available for seniors and others on a needs basis. NB. If your situation is particularly complicated and requires significant time taking history an additional fee may apply.  Donna is happy to spend a generous amount of time with you on the phone ahead of your appointment to discuss your interests and needs at no charge.

Days and times:  Donna’s individual appointment times are generally available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.  In the event that these days are not suitable other options may be possible.


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